My travel articles and photo-essays:

1. Budget Trip to Europe: my two cents, Published on July 7, 2014

“Europe, the dream trip! But what with the falling rupee and the rising euro? While Europe is one of most desirable destinations for Indians (thanks to YRF), it is not easy for young Indians and students to just pack their backpacks and hop on to the next flight. Europe can get quite expensive if you don’t plan and travel smartly. Budget is the need of the hour and here are few travel tips that I have compiled from my numerous trips to Europe…”

2. Where East meets West: A guide on solo travel to Istanbul, Published on August 6, 2014

“Can a solo female traveler go to Turkey and explore Istanbul without worrying about her safety? Not only is my answer yes, I also believe that Turkey is a great destination for solo female travelers and a perfect introduction to the Middle East.

Last September, when I proudly announced that I was travelling to Istanbul alone, I was met with the usual amount of skepticism, worry and doubt, mostly from my family. The common notion that Turkey is a ‘Muslim’ country in the Middle East was their main concern. And when a young 24-year old Indian woman decided to explore Istanbul on her own, my family couldn’t digest it well…”


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