Before commenting, please read this closely:

This blog is a space where critical dialogues develop about important and sensitive issues. I value all perspectives, but in the interest of keeping this blog a space for public debate, I ask you to follow two simple rules.

1. Do not make personal attacks. This is sometimes referred to as ad hominem abuse. Rather than attack the person whom you perceive to be making an offensive, irrational, or inaccurate argument, please redirect your energy and explain why the argument is wrong.

2. Do not make comments that have the intent or effect of marginalizing people based on characteristics, such as gender, sex, race, class, disability, sexual preference, age, and weight.

Any comments that violate these rules will be deleted, and the author of the offensive comment will be warned or blocked at the moderators’ discretion.

P. S. My articles are my personal views. If you do not like them or if you do not agree with me, you can do the following:

  • You can ignore me and my blog completely.
  • You can give me counter arguments in a mature manner.
  • You can express your views politely.
  • You can agree to disagree.

P. P. S. I am also an agnostic so while arguing or making your point, kindly refrain from quoting from any religious book or trying to convince me of a supernatural power.


All texts on this blog , if not indicated otherwise, are written by Japleen Pasricha and are protected under a Creative Commons Licence. When sharing the content, please stick to the licence agreement.

I do not lay claim to the intellectual property rights of any images posted on this blog, unless they are the creation of the blog administrator and identified as such. Where I know the name or source of an image, I offer proper acknowledgment either on the image itself or within the descriptive section provided by the blog. I always try to credit the artists. If I failed to credit your art work correctly, or you do not like my use of your work, please let me know and I will take it down immediately.


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