50 Shades Of Feminism: A Panel Discussion On Feminism And Pornography

I was recently invited to be part of a panel discussion by the Debating Society of Netaji Subhash Institute of Technology, University of Delhi as part of their Debating and Literary Festival of NSIT – Colloquium.

This year’s Panel Discussion was centred on the theme:

“50 Shades of Feminism”

A discourse on the coexistence of feminism and pornography

Pornography, both in the Indian and global context, is viewed as a taboo, and has been at the centre of a raging debate for a while now. An interesting contributor to this fulmination is the dichotomy that exists between the sects of who are considered to be women’s greatest proponents – feminists. With feminists dividing themselves as sex-positive and anti-pornography feminists, insight into their opposing and myriad views highlights a panorama of the moralistic considerations pornography engenders, and raises the question of whether pornography can coexist with feminism.

Apart from me, other panelists included Bishakha Datta, a feminist, filmmaker and the founder of pointofview.org, Vaishna Roy, the Senior Dy. Editor of The Hindu and Rajni Palriwala, a Professor of Sociology at Delhi University, specializing in Gender Studies. The discussion explored the following sub-topics:

    • The belief that pornographic objectification isn’t limited to females, but extends to men as well?
    • The thought that there’s a very fine line between the expression of a woman’s sexuality and objectifying her
    • Human trafficking ties to pornography.
    • Influence of pornography on sexual crimes such as rape, violence, eave teasing?
    • Women who watch porn.
    • Pornography empowering women?
    • Idea of feminist or women-centric pornography or erotica and the lack of it.

Here are some of the pictures from the discussion.







Nominated For Femina Women Awards 2015 Under Online Influencer Category

Hello everyone, I’m happy to announce that I was nominated for Femina Women Awards 2015 under the Online Influencer category for initiating the feminist platform Feminism In India.com

Though I did not win the award, Shradha Sharma of YourStory did (many congratulations to her), a nomination next to such established and successful people was also a good thing. Feminism In India.com is just eight months old and has already received such recognition and appreciation, I’m overwhelmed.




I Was Part Of A Report By France 2, French National Channel

Hello everyone, I was part of this super report by the national French channel, France 2, on gender and activism in India. I talk about my experience of molestation in the Delhi metro, the status of women’s safety in India and the feminist platform Feminism in India that I have initiated also features right at the end with me signing off. Do check it out, although it’s in French. I appear at 0:56

Deux portraits de femmes, deux visages de l’Inde d’aujourd’hui au féminin : Ishrat Praveen est mère au foyer et ne se voit pas sortir de son rôle traditionnel, Japleen Pasricha est une jeune féministe engagée dans le combat pour l’égalité. (Two portraits of women, two faces of India today for women: Ishrat Praveen is a housewife and is not seen out of its traditional role. Japleen Pasricha is a young feminist engaged in the fight for equality.)