Why do we get raped and how can we avoid it?

Ladies, ladies, ladies! It’s time for an intervention. I have been defending you, putting up with your excuses and sometimes rubbish for a long time now. But your imprudent behavior and “I couldn’t care less” attitude has disgusted me. You are becoming a menace to the society by spoiling the reputation of innocent young men.

Didn’t so many of our well-wishers such as politicians, policemen, VC’s of different universities, god-men, members of Khap Panchayat tell us how we can avoid getting raped? But you madame just won’t listen. Didn’t you learn anything from probably the first media hyped rape of a North East student which happened in Delhi? Don’t you remember why she was raped? Because she was roaming around at night at 2 am with another girl friend wearing a mini-skirt. Of course, she deserved it. What was she thinking that a group of innocent young men who were just having a night stroll in their car would leave her unattended? As it is North East girls are famous for being “easy” and they usually “ask for it”. You still didn’t learn when our very concerned Chief Minister Smt. Sheila Dikshit advised women “not to be too adventurous” at night. But, you were too arrogant to pay any heed to her words. You called the poor lady names who only wanted the best for you. Girls today have no respect for their elders. Is that what you have learnt from your mothers? What kind of mothers are these, I wonder.

Then you had another chance to improve when a BPO employee in Gurgoan was gang-raped at night whilst returning from work. The Police Chief gave a perfect solution that women shouldn’t be working after eight, but alas, he was just banging his head against the wall. Poor soul, he tried to help you. Little did he knew that his true concerns for women would backfire and he too would be called names.

Image courtesy: Abhinav Bhatt's blog http://abhinavbhatt.wordpress.com/2013/05/28/possible-causes-of-rapes-in-india-and-how-to-avoid-them-version-2/
Image courtesy: Abhinav Bhatt’s blog

You did not listen when the honorable Chief Minister of West Bengal Smt. Mamata Banerjee analysed the cause of increasing rapes in India. She was very right in saying and I quote, “earlier if men and women would hold hands, they would get caught by parents and reprimanded but now everything is so open. It’s like an open market with open options,” but you still shamefully interacted with men on the streets, in your neighborhoods, offices, schools, universities and only God knows what happened behind those bushes.

Pearls of wisdom poured in from various sides during the 2012 Delhi gang-rape case. Shri Abhijit Mukherjee, son of Honorable Pranab Mukherjee opined, “What’s basically happening in Delhi is a lot like Egypt or elsewhere, where there’s something called the Pink Revolution, which has very little connection with ground realities. In India, staging candle-lit marches, going to discotheques – we did all this during our student life too, we were students too – I know every well what kind of character students should have. Those who claim to be students – I can see many beautiful women among them – highly dented-painted – they’re giving interviews on TV, they’ve brought their children to show them the scenes. I have grave doubts whether they’re students, because women of that age are generally not students.” The famous scientist, Dr. Anita Shukla gave her expert advice and said, “The victim should have surrendered when surrounded by six men, at least it could have saved her intestines.” Then the very pious god man Shri Asaram Bapuji showered his holy blessing on you. He immediately knew the cause of the gang rape and solved the case in a jiffy. His holy words were “Only 5-6 people are not the culprits. The victim daughter is as guilty as her rapists… She should have called the culprits brothers and begged before them to stop… This could have saved her dignity and life. Can one hand clap? I don’t think so.” But did you call the rapist “bhaiya” while he was raping you? Did you plead and beg with him? No, you did not. Then why cry? Why blame the rapist when you yourself couldn’t avoid your rape . Remember learning this phrase during school days, “God helps those who help themselves.

Then the very honorable judge, Shri Virender Bhatt came to your rescue. He made the observation, “Girls are morally and socially bound not to indulge in sexual intercourse before a proper marriage, and if they do so, it would be to their peril and they cannot be heard crying later that it was rape.” So ladies, what do you think, that you can just saunter around, flirt with men and then cry foul. Didn’t you learn anything from the even more honorable lawyer, A.P. Singh? Didn’t he say, and I quote, “…if my daughter was having premarital sex and moving around at night with her boyfriend, I would have burnt her alive. I would not have let this situation happen. All parents should adopt such an attitude.” I’m sure you would all want to have such a doting father who cares so much about you. But what do you do to such a father? You play around with men and bring shame to the family. Of course, the father will have to take such a step with his darling princess. Did you leave him a choice?

Also you didn’t take the advice of our very deemed and sensible Khap Panchayat. These intelligent people came up with so many solutions from not consuming chowmein, to stop using mobiles and wearing jeans. From getting married at the age of 16 to banning Bollywood movies and TV serials. But, did you listen lady, did you? No, you did not. And that is why you get raped. I hope you see the sense here and learn something.

When RSS Chief Shri Mohan Bhagwat advised you not to live in India and instead migrate to Bharat and blamed western culture, you didn’t listen. When SP leader Abu Azmi advised you not to roam around at night with young boys, you didn’t listen. When Andhra Pradesh police chief V Dinesh Reddy said women provoke men to rape them by wearing flimsy clothes, you didn’t listen. When the Puducherry government advised school girls to wear overcoats, you didn’t listen. When the Mumbai government banned lingerie mannequins to stop rape, you didn’t listen. When Chattisgarh Home Minister Nanki Ram Kanwar asked you to perform pooja to put stars in their correct position in order to avoid rape, you didn’t listen. When BJP minister Kailash Vijayvargiya advised you to maintain “maryada” or face music, you didn’t listen. Then how can you cry when you get raped? How can you blame those innocent men and ruin their future when you yourself won’t budge a bit.

You don’t even know how to report a rape. And when one poor SHO in UP asked the victim to take off her clothes and show him where she was raped, little did he know that his true concerns would be considered as barbaric and misogynistic. I don’t understand what has come into these ladies. So many sensible men as well as women trying their best to help them and these ladies just won’t listen. Later they crib that the government isn’t doing enough to ensure women’s safety.

Then you had the audacity to question one of the most reputed university. How dare you woman, how dare you! You thought men and women have equal rights in this country, only a fool would believe you. You thought you could also stay out of the hostel premises as late as men do and enjoy the relaxed rules which only men have access to. Of course, the university took the right action by whisking you off its campus.

Last of all, our very own protector, the brave director of Central Bureau of Investigation, Shri Ranjit Sinha gave the utmost perfect solution to all your woes. He argued, “if you can’t prevent rape, enjoy it.” How could you miss this mastermind ladies, how could you? After all the above measures fail including pleading and begging with your rapist and calling him “bhaiya”, you should just stay silent, keep calm and enjoy the rape. After all how many times in this lifetime will you get this golden opportunity. You think, you’re that lucky that you might get raped twice or even thrice? Nah!

Why have you become so selfish? Have you forgotten your true duties to the society? There is a phrase in German which says that a woman has three K’s in her life, i e., Kinder, Küche und Kirche which roughly translates into children, kitchen and church. But ladies nowadays neither care about their household duties nor the beautiful gift they have received from nature, that is, to make babies. I read this amazing article by a very concerned mother, Chandrika R. Krishnan, assistant professor at the Manipal University who was advising women to stop and smell the rose in their journey called life, but today’s modern ladies even tore her down into pieces. But ladies, it’s not all your fault. Who made you aspire to careers you couldn’t have in the first place? Who tricked you into believing that marriage wasn’t your best option? That’s right: feminists! They are to blame for society’s evils, be it the decline of traditional marriage or the increase in divorce cases, the feminist agenda is behind everything.

Now, you still have time to save yourself, to mend your ways, that is, if you have any shame left. You just need to take the free advice that people keep pouring in and you might be able to live a “respectable” life.

And you might, just might stop disgusting me.

Disclaimer: This article is a satire (if you don’t know what that means, please Google it) and has also been published on Youth Ki Awaaz.


116 thoughts on “Why do we get raped and how can we avoid it?

  1. A few comments about the writing and the I’ll move on to what I think about this whole situation.

    @Jalpeen_Pasricha “I like the way you write. The satire is brutally obvious and it did make me a bit surprised to see the comment section riddled with people who took the content and the style to be literal. It was quite in your face with the sarcasm , as a knife made of water cutting through a block of solid Sodium. I am going to spend quite some time reading your other work , because I like your style. Please accept my congratulations and gratitude.”

    @The_Whole_Rape_Situation ” I’ve been in Texas for almost a year now. Texas is quite conservative in some aspects which are fed by Christian religious beliefs. Sexual abuse is prevalent here too but I cannot help draw parallels. Rape is rape. Whether it be India or America or Antarctica. If some dude Eskimo decides to victimize some girl with soft polar bear fur-coat and she does not consent.. it’s Rape. It’s there , it’s ‘the evil that men do’ , it’s the king of Carnal desire that drives men to madness and there are various other highly unjustified but arguably practical reasons , albeit just as irrational and stupid as the opinions of our esteemed guests mentioned in this satire.

    What worries me is the attitude of people. While I compare my Motherland to where I am , I don’t mean it in a way ‘Yay , USA better , India no good. Boo hoo’ , so if anyone here reads this comment and goes one a ‘bidesi ho gaya ka tu? Hatt Boodbak’ rant , just – cease and please find your head , which – as per my diagnostic skills (ref. HOUSE M.D.) seems to have relocated to your large intestines , astonishingly via the rear end! (You have to teach me that trick sometimes.) , but yeah , the comparison is that – the attitude of people , in Texas is so different. There were some reported cases of sexual abuse and as I am a reporter at student publication (I’m an Electrical Engineer but I like journalism , sue me) , I went around investigating these crimes. My investigation and conversations with general public regard this entire ‘rape’ is was : “Yeah , it’s bad. I think we have a death penalty for something like this. If not , we definitely would haul his/her ass in jail for the rest of his/her life. Rape is a huge deal in America. Anyone of us who either sees or knows about sexual abuse , we intervene. We would beat the shit out of the rapist , just enough not to kill him/her , but enough to make sure he thought he rather have kept it in his/her pants.”

    When I say him/her , I mean both men and women are capable of performing rape. If you think Men would enjoy it , think again if you would enjoy torture to your private parts. That’s what I thought fellas , no way!

    I guess what this translates to is , if you rape , you’re gonna have a bad time here. I have not done research to comment about other countries but I can say this … It matters very little of how you dress or the time of day or night that you go out , or who you go out with. It should not be anyones business what anyone does. That’s something that people here seem to understand. ‘You do what you want. I’ll do what I want.’ I know some of you wise men here will come up with a rebuttal for this and I adore your care for my comment but sadly I don’t care for yours. Sowwie..

    From what I have gathered , there is this big , fat , bloated , McDonalds-BurgerKing-TacoBell* fed bubble of belief and MISinterpretation of religion , culture , dignity , values , decency and misplaced sense of righteousness , that is corroding the very fabric of what essentially is a very sensible and practical , well founded system of beliefs that have been subject to mutation by the few , and you allowed it , so deal with it. I speak for myself in a very self absorbed and gluttonous way – “Yes. I think I’m smarter , more sensible , intelligent , brighter , efficient , way more attractive and a total badass over-all than all the people who who had the great fortune of being quoted and deflowering us with their words of wisdom in profound ways. You guys should be making me your president or at-least someone in power , not these soothsayers. I can be a better head of state , a god-man , a CBI hero , a judge and still rock out to some Iron Maiden.

    What worries me – people are dumb. some people are dumb. most people are dumb (hint – electing people in the Indian government , since its by the people , so you elected dumb peeps , hence you dumb.) If people are dumb enough to read this article literally , people are dumb enough to not know that rape is wrong. The consequences of rape are not stricter.. maybe so because y’all dont have me to lay the smackdown on yo candy bottom. Bystanders need to grow a pair , and if y’all don’t have ’em , ask from Chuck Norris or Rajnikanth – he’s got plenty!

    Jokes apart , change in attitude , re-thinking our think tanks , and way more stricter sentences than the middle east for rapists (oooh boy , this will be good) , is what we need.

    For everyone else , carry a tazer if you can afford it or pepper spray.
    If not , carry a home-made anti rapist kit that includes (a small-but sharp knife , Lye (fight club reference) , red-hot chilli powder , or other devious things that you can think of) and just go ahead with your plans.

    I liked what I read in this article , although it did make me angry and a bit ashamed for about one femto second before I realized how awesome I was that if you don’t think rape is wrong..you’re not awesome.

    Here is a quick test to see if you’re a sane person or a retardos maximos
    Do You think you can have a sutta and a cutting , on the surface of the sun?
    If Yes – you’re a retard.
    If No – good. Why? Because it’s hot. Like ,seriously hot.

    Do You think Rape is okay , and it’s the girls fault?
    If Yes – I’m disappointed you think that way , but I must respect your opinion. Now , if you would just help me remove my fist from your face , and help locate my foot to your gonads , I’d be so grateful.

    If No – You got that right mate , let’s go watch football and I’ll buy you some beer.

    Rape is wrong. Wake up , you idiots!

    1. Hi Shreyas, I am glad you liked my article! As for your explanation, I’ll keep it short: very aptly explained esp the point that it’s not about East or West, I hear that a lot as I was in Europe for sometime. Rapes happen everywhere be it India, Saudi Arabia or US. Hiding the victim won’t help, locating and understanding the problem will do. Anyway, thanks for stopping by, wish you a great week ahead! 🙂

  2. a nicely written article filled with satire from start to finish, chronicling events from 2005 to this day. The amount and kind of “wisdom” available from people in our country is amazing . Japleen, please dont bother answering comments by people who dont understand satire.

  3. A very well written article.The real thing hiding behind India’s ‘rich culture and gem of wisdom’ is biased and prejudiced patriarchal ideas.We have been a men-favoring society for so long that “Defending jackass behavior by men” should be officially named a gene in our DNA.

  4. A very well written piece of work. Could you followup with a write-up on ‘satire’? Please! (*facepalm* after reading some of the comments people have left behind.)

  5. For a second i literaly dint feel this was totaly a sattire kind of a thng…i felt even u r blaming d gals for this…its realy hard to beleive people of such high credits even thnk bullshit… U have brought this issue up in a beautiful manner… U realy inspire me …. Thanks for writing..

  6. wonderful write up Japleen 🙂 Keep it Up . Everyone should go through and just give a thought that what society we belong and where we are heading . We only have to play our role to improve the conditions , nobody else.

  7. Great piece. Just reading this collection of idiotic/righteous comments of our politicos, officials, judges on rape makes one want to smack each one of them. And, of course the real enemy is the feminist….We seem to see this creature as the scariest of all 🙂

  8. Well the great Quotes by so many eminent souls has really made us to hang our heads in utter shame. It is indeed a pity that women are still considered to be unequal and hence require benevolence and help from men. This chauvinism will indeed make sure that we never graduate to a land of equal opportunities. The medieval mindset of thinking of your caste,creed, colour, language, sex etc with a prejudiced mind simply doesnt fall off in spite of thousands of examples in old and recent history which have been detrimental to our nation in all regards. I am very sure if this article must shame every thinking individual and we must reflect on the society and the eminent souls we have allowed to flourish. As they say, a society gets the government it deserves, it is our responsibility to make sure that we put up a brave and united fights against this class of idiots and without that happening we would be getting humiliated and shamed again and again.

    Thank you for the blog.

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